Setup a Plex server on Debian

On your Debian server

Download Plex media server: wget

Install Plex media server: dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.13.5.5332-21ab172de_i386.deb

On your Windows machine

To perform the initial setup the Plex GUI needs to be accessed locally, a step only needed once. To do this you can establish a SSH tunnel using Plink: plink.exe <REMOTE_IP> -P <REMOTE-SSH-PORT> -L <LOCAL-LISTEN-PORT>:<REMOTE-FORWARD-IP>:<REMOTE-FORWARD-PORT

Assuming your Debian server has the IP address, SSH runs on port 22 and Plex is locally accessible via on your server: plink.exe -P 22 -L

You can now access the setup page by browsing to on your Windows machine. The browser will connect to the server as if it were local and load Plex Web App”